Tuesday, May 5, 2009


My promoters talking non-stop to unstoppable stream of visitors making my show a great success..

Telling prospective and new owners as much as they can and know from their knowledge about the market, strengths, limitation and how best to make the most use of me.

A new found friend in the expo brought up the term ‘expectation management’. That is, telling the truth about me so that new owners would not feel disappointed of what I can’t do like reaching sharp corner (no robot does that yet), climbing stair case (unless you get an ASIMO to carry me).

We treat everyone we met as my ambassadors, therefore the promoters tried their best to explain and answer to every query the visitors have. Still, there are rooms for improvement.

Help me with your suggestions if you have any.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

2 more days to go in HOMEDEC KLCC

COME FASTER...could be temporarily out of stock....

2 more days to go, better response yesterday due to 1st May holiday

Customers spent with confident and no hesitation..

Competency, professionalism and integrity made our picaBot team different from others..

Today is going to be a very busy and exciting day again

GREAT OFFER continues ..... in Homedec KLCC till 3 May 2009 from 10am till 8pm..booth no:5515 (hall 5). Free gift will be given to 1st 100 customers... my normal price rm1788..Homedec Visitors will be offered goooood price at rm1388 ONLY...you can call 019 3814 339 for more details..